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Automatically sort your photos

TrailKam is the best way to manage all of your trail camera photos. Just upload them to the TrailKam cloud and we will organize the data locked inside.

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Unlock weather data

Never before have you been able to get weather data simply from a photo and its camera's location. TrailKam uses a world wide grid of weather stations to gather the exact conditions at the time of the sighting.

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Access all your data quickly

From your dashboard's intuitive interface, you can easily navigate to all of the information you need about your cameras and sightings.

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New data for intelligent decisions

With TrailKam's easy to understand charts, you will have all of your data organized in a clear and intuitive way. At a glance, you can easily see the trends and patterns made by your trail camera's sightings.

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Unlimited camera locations

Whether you have one or one hundred, it's easy to manage all of your cameras with TrailKam. Simply mark on a map where your cameras are set up, and TrailKam has all it needs to get accurate sighting data.

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